Simple and efficiently validating VAT identification numbers in the VIES database

Why should you use our validation tool?

The Grant Thornton VAT identification number validation tool makes verifying VAT identification numbers of your EU customers extremely convenient. In one simple click you can validate a batch of VAT identification numbers. In addition, you can use the tool to validate the VAT numbers on a regular basis, whilst saving time and resources.

The importance of having a valit vat identification number

Do you supply goods and services to other VAT registered persons in other EU Member States (intra-community supply of goods/services)? If so, you as a supplier are required to validate the VAT identification number provided by your EU customers.

Tax authorities within the EU are very strict. They can deny the 0% VAT rate or reverse charged mechanism in case you do not have a valid VAT number from your customer. In addition, administrative penalties can be imposed in case you do not check the VAT number provided by your customer on a regular basis.


Simple and easy to use: validate a batch of your customers VAT identification numbers in one simple click on a regular basis;
Assurance: obtain and save the confirmation of the names and addresses relating to the validated VAT identifications numbers;
Save time and resources: after loading in your content the VAT validation tool will automatically validate the VAT identification numbers;
Unlimited use after purchase: after purchasing the VAT validation tool, you can use the tool unlimited. There are no hidden subscription fees;

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VAT validation tool

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